Eachine E010 & E011 Upgrades – Part 2: Higher Capacity Batteries

Stock Batteries In part 2, we are focusing on the batteries of the E010 and the E011.  They both come with very different batteries straight out of the box. The E010 comes with a 150mAH 30C battery that is great for flying the stock quad around the house.  With modest flight (roaming through the house), … Read More

Eachine E010 & E011 Upgrades – Part 1: FPV Camera

Eye In The Sky!!! Many of you are familiar with the Eachine E010 and E011.  If not, check out our initial review of the E010 and our discussion on the E011.  This is part one of the series to discuss the upgrades that are available for the Eachine E010 and E011, and how they can help … Read More