Eachine QX65 Review & Test Flight – BNF Whoop Racer

Eachine QX65 Review It’s here and we are ready to tell you all about the Eachine QX65! The QX65 was sent to us for review courtesy of Banggood.com. Thanks to them for providing us the opportunity to give you more insight before buying your next whoop racer! You can check out the video below or … Read More

QuadSpex Review: The Eachine E010 Micro Drone

Eachine E010…..The Little Drone That Could The Eachine E010 micro drone is a great place to start if you are new to the FPV racing drone scene or you are a seasoned pilot looking to add to your racing drone arsenal for those windy days.  Today we are talking about the E010 and how it performs … Read More