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Eachine QX65 Review

It’s here and we are ready to tell you all about the Eachine QX65! The QX65 was sent to us for review courtesy of Banggood.com. Thanks to them for providing us the opportunity to give you more insight before buying your next whoop racer! You can check out the video below or continue reading below for the scoop on this yellowish-green monster!


What’s In The Box?

The QX65 can be purchased in three different packages:

We received the “Basic Version” which can be purchased on Banggood.com for $56.99 without any coupon codes(use coupon code TOYSHO for 8% off). This is quite a bit cheaper than other Bind-N-Fly options that typically run in the range of $80-$120.

The Parts That Make Up The Eachine QX65



QX65 Review


The QX65 comes out of the box with a surprising amount of power and controllability. In our opinion, the motors are sufficient for most FPV pilots out there.  There are faster motors, but these seem to hit the sweet spot and still give you decent flight times.  Depending on how aggressive you fly, the QX65 should give you around 2.5 to 4.5 minutes of quality flight.

Flight Controller

We mostly flew it in angle mode (stabilized) and the settings preloaded into Betaflight were good enough that it didn’t need drastic adjustments.  We did separate the PWM from the PID loop frequency and set the PWM to 16000.  We have another custom built whoop with the Beecore V2 flight controller and it does well with acro mode as long as you get it tuned properly.  we expect the QX65 to be the same.

Camera & OSD

If you already own a Beecore V2 flight controller, you would know that the OSD configuration comes standard with EVERYTHING turned on. It’s so much stuff that you can barely see where you are flying. The OSD configuration on the QX65 only a has few items turned on when you first set it up which makes the setup a bit easier and allows you to start flying without turning everything off in Betaflight. The camera is OSD compatible and performs well. There are cameras on the market that perform better and many that perform much worse.  We were pleased with the quality, especially at this price point! Below is a still image from the flight video recorded on the Aomway Commander V1 goggles.

The canopy that holds the camera has a unique design and leads you to believe that you can freely adjust the camera. We tried and tried, but this simply isn’t true. The clip that holds the camera snug tends to break free when you try to adjust the camera angle. Luckily, the standard angle of the camera seems to be in a good position.

Note: The camera antenna is in a tough spot for replacement. Hopefully the canopy saves it from the majority of crashes.


The battery is a good size at 250mAH and is suitable for high voltage (4.35V). The only downside is that it has the JST PH 1.25 connector and the same goes for the battery lead on the flight controller. This can be a problem if your entire fleet of batteries (and drones) have the JST PH 2.0 connector. In addition, most tiny whoop racers upgrade to the 2.0 connector to increase the power delivered to the motors. This part of the QX65 is a bit annoying given the fact that most new flight controllers come with the JST PH 2.0 connector nowadays. Although annoying, this is still a quick fix with a $2 connector upgrade.



The frame is lightweight and is very similar to the Eachine E010S frame. The only differences seem to be the color and the battery compartment on the QX65 is meant for the stick style batteries (pictured above).


The QX65 is advertised as 20 grams without battery and comes in just a bit higher at 20.5 grams. This is rather surprising because the canopy seems hefty at first glance. Ultimately, the weight is similar to other race whoops that sport canopies.


Overall, we were pleased with the QX65 and may add a couple to the fleet given their bind-n-fly convenience and high-quality stock parts. Here is a list of pros and cons to sum it all up.


  • Beecore V2 FC w/ OSD
  • 68,000RPM motors
  • Good quality camera w/ OSD
  • Good canopy for camera protection
  • Truly bind-n-fly
  • Lightweight


  • JST 1.25 battery connectors
  • Can’t adjust camera angle as expected
  • May be difficult to replace antenna

Well, there you have it… the Eachine QX65 is on the market and is in a price range that makes it great for anyone looking for a bind-n-fly whoop that has some POWAH! We’ll let you decide if it’s going to make its way into your tiny whoop arsenal. 😉

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