Top 5 FPV Drone Deals 10/10/17

Big Deals on Teeny Tiny Micro Drones and Parts!

Welcome back to another week of great FPV drone deals! We hope you find these deals helpful in the pursuit of your next FPV quad. Let us know what you think of this week’s deals in the comment section and feel free to make suggestions on the types of deals you would like to see in the future!


1. FuriousFPV Moskito 70 (FRSKY) – $179.99 (Reg. $249.99/28% Off)

Cheap Drone

We saw a similar deal a couple weeks ago on the FuriousFPV Moskito, but this time it comes from a US based company (cheaper and faster shipping, WOOT!). If you aren’t interested in building your next micro brushless from scratch, then the Moskito is for you (trust us, we know the pain)! Check out the $70 off deal HERE!


2. 6x15mm 17,000KV Brushed Motors (Qty: 4) (AirbladeUAV) – $6 (Reg. $23/74% Off)

Cheap Tiny whoop motors

These motors are more than capable of providing enough power to get your Tiny Whoop into the racing scene. They are listed at $10 on the AirbladeUAV website, but make sure to use the coupon code “FALL2017” at checkout to receive an extra 40% off. Get them HERE now before this clearance deal is gone!


3. Racerstar F3D8 Micro Flight Controller w/ FrSky Receiver – $16.00 (Reg. $34.99/54% Off)

FPV drone Deals

The Racerstar F3D8 flight controller seems to be a copy of the tinyFISH flight controller, but Racerstar didn’t give credit to the original creator.  We will go ahead and give credit to Simon Schulz (tinyFISH creator) assuming it is a copy of his design.  With that said, this flight controller is on sale now and ready to go into your next micro drone build with 16x16mm M2 hole spacing. Get it HERE!


4. Racerstar Star4 4A 4-in-1 ESC – $10.00 (Reg. $21.99/55% Off)

FPV drone Deals

To go along with #3 on the list, the Racerstar Star4 4A 4-in-1 ESC is also a steal for a DIY micro FPV drone.  Make sure you are ready to solder tiny little wires to tiny little pads.  If you are ready for the challenge, you can’t go wrong with this FPV drone deal!  4 amps should take care of most of the motor/prop combos that are compatible with the Lollipop75 Frame. Get this 4A ESC HERE to get started!


5. Favorite LittleBee Spring 4-in-1 10A ESC – $27.46 ($36.13/24% Off)

LittleBee ESC

The final deal this week should get you going in the right direction if you need more power than the 4A ESC above. The LittleBee 4-in-1 ESC is made for builds that have 20×20 mounting holes though. It is compatible with 2-4S and can run Oneshot, Multishot, and Dshot. If you need to push it to the limits, it can run 4×15 amps for short bursts (max 10 seconds). Buy it HERE!


Another week goes by and we look forward to finding even better deals next week! Check back to see what we find or SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Just fill out your email address in the right sidebar and you’ll be ready to receive the weekly article in your email! If you prefer not to hear about the deals through email, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.  See all of you pilots next week and be sure to check out the deals from previous weeks HERE!

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