Top 5 FPV Drone Deals 9/26/17

The Deals Don’t Stop!

We have a good variety of FPV deals this week for drones of all sizes. There aren’t any brushed whoop drone deals though. However, check out some of the previous weeks’ posts for some Tiny Whoop deals that are still going strong.

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1. Runcam Split 1080P FPV Camera – $61.63 (Reg. $74.99)

Runcam Split deal

Runcam has been in the camera market for awhile, but they blew up the FPV market when they released the Runcam Split. It was the first FPV camera capable of recording 1080P HD video while also providing a live FPV feed. This setup has been available for a few months now and this is the best deal we have seen. Use coupon code TOYSHO to get the extra 8% off to bring the final price to $61.63!


2. Emax RS2205S 2300KV Brushless Motors (4 pcs) w/ Free Shipping – $63.99 (Reg. $79.99)

RS2205S Deal

Nothing special to say here except that these motors pack some real punch. The documented max thrust of each motor is 1281g. For $63.99 and free shipping, these would go well on your next 5″ build.


3. Racerstar RS6A 6A ESC – $3.76 (Reg. $9.99)

Racerstar ESC Deal

In the middle of a micro brushless build? Check out these 6A ESCs! Some people prefer to use individual ESCs for each motor so they can replace a failure without the need to replace a more expensive 4-in-1. This is a great option for those people!


4. RotorX RX122 Atom V2 Frame Kit  – $25.99 (Reg. $39.99)

RotorX Atom Deal

The well known RotorX RX122 Atom V2 is being phased out by the V3 and that means the V2 is ON SALE! This frame is high quality and ready for a killer 3″ quad. Get one now before the V2s are no longer in stock!


5. Racerstar BR0705 Brushless Motor – $4.99 (Reg. $10.08)

Racerstar BR0705 Sale

The brushless whoop is slowly becoming more prominent in the FPV world and the Racerstar BR0705 brushless motors bring more power to the table than the BR0703 version. The 15,000KV and 20,000KV motors seem to be out of stock though. If you are going to buy these, stick with the 10,000KV and make sure the build is light-weight!


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