Top 5 FPV Drone Deals 9/19/17

Time to Clean House?

Fall is almost upon us and there are already fall cleanup deals to be had in the FPV world. You may argue that some of these deals are meant to make room for new offerings that are in the works, but who cares when it means you can have another drone in your fleet for half price? Not us!

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1. 6x15mm Tiny Whoop Motors (Various Sites)

Cheap Tiny whoop motors

1a. 6x15mm 17,000KV Brushed Motors (Qty: 4) (AirbladeUAV) – $6 (Reg. $23/74% Off)

These motors are more than capable of providing enough power to get your Tiny Whoop into the racing scene. They are listed at $10 on the AirbladeUAV website, but make sure to use the coupon code “FALL2017” at checkout to receive an extra 40% off.


1b. 6x15mm 19,000KV Brushed Motors (Qty: 4) (Twisted Quads) – $4.72* (Reg $9.99/53% Off)

Similar deal here on even faster motors. Make sure your flight controller can handle the extra power without excessive oscillations. Twisted Quads price is $5.24. Use coupon code “reno17” at checkout for a 10% discount off your ENTIRE ORDER!


If you are in need of a build to use these motors with… scroll down to #3 on this week’s list for another great deal! Add a Tiny Whoop FPV camera and frame and you’ll have one cheap drone!


2. Aomway Commander V1 FPV Goggles – $338.39 (Reg. $417.77/19% Off)

Aomway Commander V1


The Aomway Commander V1 FPV Goggles are one of the best competitors with the Fatshark brand goggles. You can check out our review of these goggles here –> Aomway Commander V1 Review. These goggles are fairly hard to come by and are typically out of stock. We got these for $380 a few months ago, so this is a great deal if you can wait for the shipping from Gearbest.


3. FuriousFPV Acrowhoop V2 (Various Sites)

Tiny Whoop Flight Controller

3a. FuriousFPV Acrowhoop V2 (FrSky or Spektrum) (Twisted Quads) – $20.24 (Reg. $44.99/65% Off)

As mentioned above (deal 1b), use code “reno17” to get the 10% discount on your TOTAL order at Twisted Quads. They are celebrating the 2017 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship that took place in Reno Nevada this last weekend.


3b. FuriousFPV Acrowhoop V2 (FrSky) – $26.97 (Reg. $44.95/40% Off)

AirbladeUAV has also placed this flight controller in their clearance section. It is listed for $44.95, but like deal #1a above, enter FALL2017 at checkout to take 40% off the original price. One more Tiny Whoop in the fleet, yes please! There are only 4 in stock, so hurry over to get one before they are gone.

4. Eachine dustX58 Micro Brushless Drone (FrSky) – $54.99 (Reg. $159.99/34% Off)

Cheap micro brushless Drone

Another drone that has made the list more than once, the dustX58 is at it’s cheapest yet. You can’t even build a similar drone for this price. Grab your FrSky transmitter and this BNF brushless micro, and try it indoors or outdoors for some brushless whoop action!


5. GetFPV New Website Launch Deal – 10% Off

FPV Deals has rebuilt their website and they want to let you know! They are offering 3 different coupon codes that are essentially 10% off, depending on how much you spend.

  • NEWSITE10 – $10 off $100 purchase
  • NEWSITE25 – $25 off $250 purchase
  • NEWSITE50 – $50 off $500 purchase


That does it for this week’s deals. Make sure you check back next week or make it easy on yourself and follow QuadSpex on Facebook or Twitter!


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