Tiny Whoop Flight Controller Upgrade Comparison

It’s Acro Time

It’s time to upgrade that E010, Inductrix, H36, or F36…and an acro flight controller is just what you need. There are a lot of options out there and we will do our best to keep this list updated with any additions to the tiny whoop flight controller market! In order for a flight controller to make it to this list, it must meet the following:

  1. BetaFlight compatible
  2. USB or USB adapter accessible
  3. E010, E011, Inductrix, F36, H36 compatible

Check out the Tiny Whoop flight controller upgrade comparison table below.

 Tiny Whoop Flight ControllerPrice*Weight (grams)Rx OptionsProcessorTelemetryOSD
Tiny Whoop Flight ControllerBeeBrain v.1$$$$3.37FrSky
F1 (MPU6500)NoNo
Tiny Whoop Flight ControllerAcroWhoop V2$$$$$3.3FrSkyF3 (MPU6000)RSSI
Tiny Whoop Flight ControllerBetaFPV F3$$$2.8FrSkyF3 (MPU6500)RSSINo
Tiny Whoop Flight ControllerBeecore F3 EVO$$2.8FrSky
F3 (MPU6500)NoNo
Tiny Whoop Flight ControllerQueen EVO$3.09FrSky (PPM)F3 (MPU6050)RSSINo
Furibee F3 $$2.7FrSky(PPM)
F3 (MPU6050)RSSI
Tiny Whoop Flight ControllerAlienFlightNG Whoop V2**NANAFrSkyF3 (MPU6500)NANo
Tiny Whoop Flight ControllerJJRC F3 EVO$2.7FrSkyF3 (MPU6050)NoNo
Tiny Whoop Flight ControllerE010S Replacement$$naFrSky
F3 (Unknown Gyro)NoNo
Tiny Whoop Flight Controller OSDBetaFPV F3 w/ OSD$$$$2.96FrSky (SBUS)
No Receiver
F3 (MPU6000)NoYes
Whoop OSDEachine Beecore V2$$3FrSky (SBUS)
F3 (MPU6500)NoYes

*Pricing as follows (based on regular list price):  $ ($15-$22),  $$ ($22-$29),  $$$ ($29-$36),  $$$$ ($36-$43), $$$$$ ($43+)

**AlienFlightNG Whoop V2 is an open source flight controller that is not commercially available, but all information to build one is available HERE.

Tiny Whoop Flight Controller – Specification Winner

BetaFPV V1.1 F3 w/ OSD


Our favorite flight controller out of the bunch is the BetaFPV F3 Flight Controller with OSD. We previously had the Acrowhoop V2 as our top pick since it was the only one with SBUS and a method for tracking battery voltage at the time. The times have changed and the BetaFPV (V1.1) flight controller has taken the helm.  This bad boy has built-in OSD and supports SBUS on FrSky. It is also available with a DSMX receiver or without a receiver. It may be one of the pricier options, but it is worth the premium. The other flight controller that is right on par with the BetaFPV offering is the Beecore V2 with very similar specifications and a cheaper price.  We hesitate to make it our #1 choice because some people have experienced issue with receiver range and it has the MPU6500 sensor.

Tiny Whoop Flight Controller – Best Price

Queen F3 EVO

Tiny Whoop Flight Controller

The Queen F3 EVO is the cheapest option of the bunch if you can find a good deal on Ebay.  These can’t be found on any other sites at this low of a price.  The Queen F3 is a bare bones package compared to many other Tiny Whoop flight controllers so keep in mind the following before you buy one on Amazon:

  • Acro ONLY, no horizon mode on this little devil
  • No USB port on earlier versions of this boards (Check before you buy)
  • PPM only (No SBUS)
  • Comes with 1.25 JST battery connector cable

Tiny Whoop Flight Controller – Best Overall Value

Eachine Beecore V2

Whoop OSD

Like we mentioned before, the Beecore V2 has almost the exact same features as the BetaFPV flight controller but for under $30. It comes with the MPU6500 sensor which is more prone to vibrations, but is still a decent sensor. We also haven’t had any issues with losing signal like others are reporting with this flight controller, so we aren’t giving that issue much weight in this evaluation. Given the price and functionality, we are giving the Beecore V2 the title of best overall value.

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Updated 2/18/18

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Disclaimer – We haven’t tried all of the boards listed above. Evaluation is based on listed technical specifications and forum discussions. Some of the links above are affiliate links.  We receive a small portion of sales when these links are clicked and purchases are made (no extra cost to you). This serves as a small source of income to continue reviewing products and pay for the costs to maintain this site (ain’t nobody getting rich off this!).

2 thoughts on “Tiny Whoop Flight Controller Upgrade Comparison”

  1. I got a Beecore V2, FrSky D8 version. Good price, very well spec’d and unlike the BetaFPV, supports a buzzer (useful if you venture outside). Pity no VBAT telemetry, but you can see it on OSD, so not a massive problem. There is a D16 version with full telemetry, but it seems to have a funny Betaflight build target and wouldn’t work with EU LBT Taranis code. All works fine (in an E011 with 0716 motors). BUT – I have seen that Rx dropout people mention. Not often, maybe once per 5 or more batteries, but it falls out of the air when it happens. It is not connected with range (long or short), or battery charge (is just as likely to do it on a nearly full HV battery as a nearly flat one). Seems random, but it does it. I see there is now a Turtlebee, maybe that solves it, but it does see to have some poor reviews on Banggood.

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