Tiny Whoop Camera Upgrade Comparison – AIO FPV Whoop Cameras

The AIO FPV Camera Battle Royale

There are a whole lot of options out there to upgrade your micro brushed quad to a Tiny Whoop FPV racer! For an AIO Tiny Whoop camera to make the list, it must meet the following criteria:

  • 25mW output power (We are looking for performance not distance)
  • Weight of 4 grams or less
  • 600TVL resolution or greater
  • Field of view of 120 degrees or greater

There is a good chance that some of these tiny whoop cameras are offered at multiple websites under different names. We added multiple listings for some of these cases.

Check out the table below.

 AIO CameraPrice*Weight (Grams)ResolutionField of View (Degrees)OSD
BetaFPV H01
FX805 Tiny Whoop AIO CameraFX805
FX805 (Amazon)
$$$$$3.8 (Uncased)600TVL140No
Eachine ef-02 whoop cameraEF-02$3.8800TVL150No
Split Tiny Whoop CameraEachine TX01S$4 (lighter if wire trimmed)600TVL120No
BetaFPV Z01 Tiny Whoop CameraBetaFPV Z01$$$3.6NA120No
BetaFPV Whoop CameraBetaFPV H02 (OSD)$3.6NA120Yes
CM275T Tiny Whoop CameraCM 275T
Wolfwhoop WT05
Crazypony whoop cameraCrazypony Split$$3.7700TVL120No
Makerfire 700 whoop cameraMakerfire 600TVL$3.6600TVL150No
Turbowing Tiny whoop camera with OSDTurbowing (OSD)$$3.7700TVL120Yes
Turbowing standard whoop cameraTurbowing Standard$3.3700TVL120No
fx805 osd tiny whoop aio cameraFX805 (OSD)$$$$3.88 (Uncased)600TVL125Yes
Wolfwhoop WT07 aio tiny whoop camera with osdWolfwhoop WT07 (OSD)$NA (2.8 w/o wire & antenna)600TVL120Yes

*Pricing as follows (based on regular listed price):  $ ($15-$20),  $$ ($20-$25),  $$$ ($25-$30),  $$$$ ($30-$35), $$$$$ ($35-$40)

Based on the specifications of the options above, here are our top picks to upgrade your Tiny Whoop!

Tiny Whoop Camera Battle- Specifications Winner

Turbowing OSD

best tiny whoop camera

The Turbowing OSD takes the cake on this challenge. Not only is this Tiny Whoop style camera one of the only models with OSD compatibility, it is also one of the lightest coming in at a tiny 3.7 grams. That’s a major plus when you are trying to conserve as much of your whoop battery as possible. The only contender that threatens the Turbowing Tiny Whoop OSD camera is the BetaFPV H02 (OSD). The H02 camera is a tenth of a gram lighter, but the BetaFPV website doesn’t specify the resolution of the camera. The Turbowing specifies a 700TVL camera, which is higher than most cameras on the list. We will reach out to BetaFPV and update this post based on their response. There is a good chance they are made in the same factory and rebranded anyway. Our stance? You can’t go wrong with either of these whoop cameras.

Tiny Whoop Camera Battle – Best Deal

Makerfire 700TVL

AIO whoop camera

The cheapest Tiny Whoop camera on the list is the Makerfire 700TVL ($15.99). For that price, you can get an AIO at 3.4 grams with a 150 degree field of view and a 700TVL resolution camera.  We think that is a great deal and it’s hard to beat. The runner up for best deal is the BetaFPV H02 (OSD) considering you can get OSD compatibility for an extra $3.  We could go either way on this one, but the Makerfire wins by default due to it having the lowest price of any of these Tiny Whoop cameras.

Other Tiny Whoop Upgrade Comparisons:

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