Weekly Top 5 FPV Drone Deals *Labor Day Edition*

It’s time for the Labor Day sales!  Don’t miss these FPV Drone Deals!

We are back for a special edition of our Top 5 FPV Drone Deals and this week we have a few extra deals for you.  Don’t forget to follow us on social media or subscribe to the QuadSpex blog on the right sidebar to receive these deals regularly!  We are a bit early this week to make sure you see all of the active deals over the holiday.

1.   Eachine Lizard 95 Anniversary Special Edition  – $119.00 UPDATE $89.00 / 55% OFF  (Valid 9/7/17-9/9/17) 

The Anniversary Edition of the Eachine Lizard95 seems to be the same as the original with the addition of an 11 year anniversary tag on the box.  This drone is known for being wicked fast!  At this price, they will be selling fast as well!

2. Mid-America Multirotor – 16% Off Entire Store!

FPV drone Deals

Mid-America Multirotor is celebrating their one year anniversary and they are going BIG! Mike and his crew are offering a week long sale (9/1/2017 – 9/8/2017). Just use code firstanniv16 to apply the 16% discount to your entire order for one of the weeks best FPV deals!

3. Eachine EV100 Low Profile FPV Goggles – $99 (9/6/2017 – 9/9/2017) (Reg. $349.99)

***Use coupon code TOYSHO to get an extra 8% off!  That’s $92 after the promo and coupon code!***

FPV drone Deals

These goggles have the potential to be one of the best low-profile FPV goggles for new pilots and especially at this low of a price. The price on the Eachine EV100 goggles will only be this low for the 11th Anniversary sale going on at Banggood.com from 9/6/2017 to 9/9/2017 (CST).

4. Racerstar F3D8 Micro Flight Controller w/ FrSky Receiver – $17.33  UPDATE $11.99 (Reg. $34.99)

FPV drone Deals

The Racerstar F3D8 flight controller seems to be a copy of the tinyFISH flight controller, but Racerstar didn’t give credit to the original creator.  We will go ahead and give credit to Simon Schulz (tinyFISH creator) assuming it is a copy of his design.  With that said, this flight controller is on sale now and ready to go into your next micro drone build with 16x16mm M2 hole spacing.Pair deal number 4 and 5 with the Astro65 frame or Lollipop75 frame, BR0705 Motors, and a TX01S split camera system for a brushless micro for less than $65!!!

5. Racerstar Star4 4A 4-in-1 ESC$12.99 UPDATE $7.99 (Reg. $21.99)

FPV drone Deals

To go along with #3 on the list, the Racerstar Star4 4A 4-in-1 ESC is also a steal for a DIY micro FPV drone.  Make sure you are ready to solder tiny little wires to tiny little pads.  If you are ready for the challenge, you can’t go wrong with this FPV drone deal!  4 amps should take care of most of the motor/prop combos that are compatible with the Astro65 frame.

6. FuriousFPV Acrowhoop V2 Flight Controller – $29.99 (Reg. $44.99)

Tiny Whoop Flight Controller

Check out our comparison of Tiny Whoop Flight Controller Upgrade Options and you will see why this is such a great FPV deal! The Acrowhoop V2 has more features than any other Tiny Whoop flight controller on the market. Toss this on an 6mm or 7mm motor frame an be ready for some great acro flying!

7. RMRC CM275T Micro AIO FPV Camera – $17.99 (Reg. $24.99)

FPV drone Deals

The CM275T AIO 25mW camera comes in at 3.35 grams and makes for a great Tiny Whoop camera.  ReadyMadeRC has placed these in their “Garage Sale” section, which means you can get a great deal.  RMRC is also running a Labor Day sale where you get a $10 gift certificate for every $100 spent.  Find another $82.01 to spend on other products and get a $10 gift certificate!

8. Racerstar RS20A ESC 4-Pack – $24.99 (Reg. $45.99)

FPV Deals

This 4-pack of 20A Racerstar ESCs is ideal for a mini FPV drone build.  Not much else to say on this FPV drone deal.  Check out Albert Kim’s review of these ESCs before you pull the trigger!

9.  **EXPIRED** GetFPV.com Labor Day Sale – 5% Off Everything

FPV drone Deals

We mentioned this deal last week and it’s still going through the rest of today.  Anything you add to your cart becomes an FPV drone deal!  Use coupon code LD2017 when checking out.

Make sure you check out the Top 5 FPV Drone Deals Archive for last week’s deals that may still be active!

*Some of the links above are affiliate links.

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