Top 5 FPV Drone Deals Weekly (8/24/17)

1.  Racerstar 6A 4-in-1 ESC* – $13.99

A great option for a 1S-2S micro brushless build.  Some prefer not to use 4-in-1 ESCs, but if you are looking to save space these are cheap enough that replacing a bad ESC won’t break the bank.

2.  Piko BLX Clone BetaFlight 20x20mm Flight Controller* – $15.99

A clone of the Piko BLX at a great price.  One note to make is the filtered VTX output is battery voltage and not 5v regulated.  Definitely something we can make work at a price like this.

3.  Skyzone SKY02S FPV Goggles* – $347.55

The Skyzone SKY02S is the latest in their lineup and gets you diversity at a great price.

4.  Tattu 5pcs 3.7V 220mAh LiPo Battery Pack 45C 1S*  – $16.99

Some great quality “stick” batteries for a reasonable price.  Tattu is a well respected battery manufacturer, so there is little to worry about on this deal.  Unfortunately, it looks like this are sporting the JST 1.25 connectors.  If you can modify the connectors, these are worth the trouble.

5.  Newbeedrone Cockroach Tiny Whoop Frame – $3.99

Finally, the infamous Cockroach frame for the 6x15mm Tiny Whoop motors.  For $3.99, you don’t need to worry about glueing the joints on your stock frame.  Worth a shot at this price!

* Notes items with affiliate links.  QuadSpex relies on affiliate income to continue what we do.  Feel free to use our affiliate links if you get value from these lists!  Have fun flying!

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