Tiny Whoop Motor Comparison – Know Your Options!

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If you own a Blade Inductrix, Eachine E010, or any other brushed micro quad, you know by now that you will need replacement motors at some point (If not already).  Below is a chart of the replacement options we have found that are available for the “tiny whoop” sized motors (6x15mm).  There is a good chance that some of these are manufactured at the same plant (Chaoli), but we included them all to show the difference in pricing.







Motor Brand (KV Rating) w/ LinksPrice**Speed (KV)Speed (RPM) @3.7VMax Thrust (g)***
BetaFPV (17,500KV)$17,50064,750n/a
BetaFPV (19,500KV)*$19,50072,150n/a
NewBeeDrone Gold (19,700KV)*$$$19,70072,900n/a
NewBeeDrone Unicorn (25,500KV)*$$$$25,50094,350n/a
Kado's (19,600KV)*$$19,60072,500n/a
MAMR (19,000KV)*$$19,00070,300n/a
MMW (19,000KV)*$$$$$19,00070,30013
Lumenier (19,000KV)*$$$19,00070,300n/a
Kado's (18,400KV)$$18,40068,000n/a
MAMR (18,300KV)$18,30067,700n/a
Racerstar (18,100KV)$$$18,10067,00011.2
Kado's (17,600KV))$$17,60065,000n/a
MAMR (17,500KV)$17,50064,750n/a
Tiny Whoop (17,300KV)$$$$$17,30064,000n/a
Tiny Whoop (19,600KV)$$$$19,60072,500n/a
Tiny Whoop (20,000KV)$$$$20,00074,000n/a
Tiny Whoop (25,000KV)$$$$$25,00092,500n/a
MMW (17,000KV)$$$$$17,00062,90011.4
Lumenier (17,000KV)$$$17,00062,900n/a
Kado's (16,500KV)$$16,50061,000n/a
Racerstar (15,900KV)$15,90059,0009.3
Kado's (14,900KV)$14,90055,000n/a
Tiny Whoop (14,800KV)$$$$$14,80054,800n/a
Lumenier (14,000KV)$$$14,00051,800n/a
MMW (14,000KV)$$$$$14,00051,800n/a
MMW (11,000KV)$$$$$11,00040,700n/a
E010 Stock Motor$14,90055,000 (approx.)7.83

* Not compatible with stock Inductrix or E010 Flight Controller

** Pricing as follows (based on regular listed price):     $($5-$9);    $$($9-$13);    $$$($13-$17);    $$$$($17-$21);    $$$$$($21-$25)

*** Per QuadSpex tests with 260mAH 30C battery (single motor) and Rakon 3-blade props


You will notice that we have tested some of these motors on the bench.  You can see these tests in the video playlist below.  Thanks to Benedikt over at Micro Motor Warehouse for providing samples to test!


Let us know if you have experience with any of these different tiny whoop motors.  What have you found to be the best balance between price, performance, and battery life?  We would love to hear from you below.

Other Tiny Whoop Upgrade Comparisons:

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As a reminder, to get the most life out of your brushed motors:

  • Keep motors away from water or corrosive material
  • Do not run motors in reverse
  • Do not run motors without propellers installed
  • Never impede the motor when running.  If you crash and the propellers are obstructed, disarm motors so they do not burn up.
  • Do not store unused for more than six months


8 thoughts on “Tiny Whoop Motor Comparison – Know Your Options!”

      1. Thanks!
        I ordered 260mAH 30C battery cuz in my JJRC H36 power is sometimes dropping down due to heavy use. I think that battery replacement should help, am I right?

        Is a lot faster with Racerstar motors? I think to buy it, just for flying without camera

        1. The 260mAH batteries will give you longer flight times but not necessarily more power with the stock motors. The max output of the stock battery is 150mAH x 30C or 4.5 amps. The stock motors do not pull that much power. I like both of the Racerstar motor options for an upgrade that is still compatible with the stock flight controller. You won’t need the power since you don’t have a camera, but it will have great performance!

  1. Ive been really looking around trying to find some more options out there and i really want to know the thrust specs on some of the motors that tinywhoop.com offer! They make a lot of really good stuff tiny whoops!

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