Tiny Whoop Frame Upgrade Comparison

The Tiny Whoop Frame Game

The wildly popular Blade Inductrix and the Eachine E010 have been around for awhile now and the replacement/upgrade part market is full of options.  Take a look at the available tiny whoop frames below and you will see a wide variety of materials, weights, and prices for these frame upgrades.  While some of them offer more speed and agility, others offer resiliency during wild crashes.


 Frame Description (Site Link)Weight (grams)CostMaterial(s)
Stock Inductrix (Amazon)3.22$Plastic
E010 Frame (Banggood)
E010 Frame (Amazon Prime)
Eachine E010S (Banggood)3$Plastic
Reinforced Inductrix (Tiny Whoop)3.25$$Plastic, Glue
Tiny whoop frameNylon Goldberg (MAMR)6.4 (w/ camera mount)$$Plastic
Tiny whoop frameLynx Heli Spyder V2 (Amain Hobbies)4.3 (5 w/ camera mount)$$Plastic
Tiny whoop frameSMR Carbon Whoop Frame (Tiny Whoop)NA$$$Carbon Fiber, Plastic
Tiny whoop frameRakon Delrin (Tiny Whoop)NA$$$$$Plastic
Tiny whoop FrameFoam Baby Turtle (Tiny Whoop)3.3$$$$Foam, Plastic, Glue
Tiny Whoop FrameAgress Mini (Banggood)6$$Aluminum, Carbon Fiber
Rakon AL & CF (Amazon)4.57$$$$$Aluminum, Carbon Fiber
RaGG-e Whoop (Amazon)3.2$$$$HDPE Plastic
tiny whoop frameCockroach (Amazon)3.44$Plastic
Beta65 (BetaFPV)3$Plastic
Spintech Race-W (Spintech Motors)4.48$$$Carbon Fiber

*Pricing as follows (based on regular listed price):  $ ($0-$8);  $$ ($8-$16);  $$$($16-$24);  $$$$ ($24-$32);  $$$$$ ($32-$40)


Tiny Whoop Frame Game – Winner

NDB Cockroach

Cockroach Tiny whoop frame

With a great compromise between weight and durability, the NewBeeDrone Cockroach frame is our specification winner. There are reports galore of people testing this frame to the max without breaking. It has less “give” than the E010S and is more flexible than the stock E010 frame. If you are looking for our tiny whoop frame of choice… this is it.

Tiny Whoop Frame Game – Cheapest Respectable Frame

Eachine E010S

E010s Whoop Frame

The E010S frame is the cheapest option on the list short of the original E010 frame. Unfortunately, the stock E010 frame is far too heavy to get respectable flight times and performance. This Tiny Whoop frame is only $2.99, but keep in mind that the Cockroach frame is only $1 more!

Tiny Whoop Frame Game – Least Likely To Buy

Foam Baby Turtle

Worst tiny whoop frame

With this many Tiny Whoop frame options, we had to come up with a “least likely to succeed” category! This frame looks cool and it is light weight, but I can’t imagine paying $26 for a frame this clumsy looking. The Baby Turtle frame comes in pieces and requires a “build guide”. If you are looking to spend more time tinkering with your frame and less time tuning and flying your Tiny Whoop, this frame is for you. You may also get a bit extra durability frame the foam design if you are crash prone. That’s our take, but to be fair we haven’t held this frame in our own hands (and don’t plan to).

Tell us what Tiny Whoop frame you prefer to fly in the comments below!

Other Tiny Whoop Upgrade Comparisons:

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