Aomway Commander V1 Goggles: First Impressions

Here They Are!

The ever so elusive Aomway Commander V1 goggles.  If I had to guess, it was at least a 3 month wait from the time I had my eye on these goggles to the time they arrived at my doorstep.  These are fairly easy to come by and are available on multiple online shops now.  After running a few battery packs through these low-profile goggles, it’s safe to say Aomway has something good going on here.  So read on below and/or watch the youtube video and hopefully I can help you decide if these are the right goggles for you to spend your hard earned money on.

Commander V1 Specifications:

We are QuadSpex, so naturally we like to look at the specifications of the equipment at hand.  The information below is directly from the Aomway website.


  • FOV: 32°
  • Lens: Glass optics (binocular)
  • 854×480(WVGA)LCD display, LED backlight

3D function:

  • Side/Side 3D

Interpupillary Distance:

  • Adjustable 59-69mm

Audio Output:

  • Stereo


  • Brightness / contrast
  • Channel selection / display mode
  • DVR / head tracker

Video Format:

  • NTSC / PAL auto switch

HD Input:

  • Support 720p, C-type HDMI port

DVR Recording:

  • Only for RF and AV in mode
  • TF card support up to 32GB
  • Video compression format: MJPG 30fps

Head Tracker:

  • 2-axis head tracker (only for advanced version)

Built-in Receiver:

  • Dual 40CH high-sensitivity diversity RF module,
  • Auto switch to strong signal antenna
  • Channel display on screen

Auto Scan:

  • One key starts auto search the channel of strongest signal

Working Voltage Range:

  • DC 7-18V (2S-4S)
  • OSD display voltage status


  • DC in: standard 5.5*2.1 (inner positive outer negative)
  • AV in: 3.5mm four-pole AV jack port
  • Audio: 3.5mm three-pole earphone jack port
  • Head tracker: PS2 data port
  • TF card slot for recording

Working Environment:

  • 0 – 55°C

Unit Weight:

  • 172g

Commander V1

 What We Like:

I would like to touch base on what we think are the most important aspects of the Aomway Commander V1 goggles.

  1.  Low-profile like the highly touted Fatshark lineup.
  2.  Auto switching dual diversity receiver
  3.  DVR functionality
  4.  Reasonable price rangeAomway Commander V1

The form factor and comfort of the Commander V1 goggles are on par with the Fatshark line of low-profile goggles.  If you ask me, the design is more stylish than it’s competitor’s designs.  The matte gray rubberized surface is slick and feels good when navigating the buttons on the top and bottom.  It will be a long time before anyone finds out how well the material holds up to the elements, so it would be best to use the included case anytime they are not in use (similar to any other set of goggles).

A 40 channel dual diversity receiver is a must for anyone that is serious about drone racing or performing acrobatic stunts.  The receiver unit installed on these goggles seems to perform well in the time it’s been in the field.  There is an on-screen indication when the receiver is automatically swapping between the two antennas and acts as a reminder to keep your head up to maintain good reception!

DVR functionality is a must have if you intend to share your flight video with friends, family, or to evaluate your piloting skills.  The DVR included in these records at 30fps and is definitely on par with the Fatshark Dominator HD3s (as seen in the video above!).

The kicker?  It can all be had for a VERY reasonable $345.  Compare that to the Fatshark Dominator V3 with add-on diversity and two antennas which will set you back about $420-$450.  All-in-all these are easy on your wallet for the features that are included.

What We Don’t Like:

  1. Difficulty connecting to simulator on a Mac

We have yet to get this thing “paired” up with a Mac computer for flight simulation. 🙁  Not much more to say than that, other than we didn’t buy the Commander V1’s for that feature so we aren’t too heartbroken.  I have faith we will get it with a few extra tries and we will be sure to let you know how!

Here is a link to –> Aomway Commander V1.  This is an affiliate link just like the one above!  QuadSpex will receive a small percentage of any sales resulting from clicking the link.  Affiliate funds are what keep us writing reviews and product information articles.  We appreciate any time you use these links to make your well-planned purchases! 🙂

Let us know what you think about the Aomway Commander V1 Goggles below!  Happy Piloting!!!

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