Eachine E010 & E011 Upgrades – Part 2: Higher Capacity Batteries

Stock Batteries

In part 2, we are focusing on the batteries of the E010 and the E011.  They both come with very different batteries straight out of the box. The E010 comes with a 150mAH 30C battery that is great for flying the stock quad around the house.  With modest flight (roaming through the house), we got around 6 to 7 minutes of air.  The E011 is no different and provides plenty of power and flight time with it’s 260mAH 30C battery.

The whole story changes when you decide to place an FPV camera on the E010.  We averaged around 2.5 minutes and that wasn’t even aggressive flying.  2.5 minutes is not nearly enough time to fly when you are trying to get some practice or if you are in the middle of a Tiny Whoop race.  We got through 4 packs of batteries before we decided something larger was a must.

E010 Battery
Eachine 260mAH 30C Battery

Time to Upgrade – E010 Battery Upgrade

That’s when we started researching upgrade batteries for the E010.  We came to the consensus that a 260mAH 30C battery was the way to go (before the E011 was released).  Ever since then, we have been experiencing unimpeded flight for roughly 6.5 minutes.  Talk about a big change!

The batteries that we bought came with the Losi Micro T connector so a small modification to the flight controller was needed.  All that was needed was removal of the old battery receptacle and soldering on the new connector “tail”.


E010 battery connector upgrade for E010 battery upgrade
E010 battery connector upgrade for E010 battery upgrade

Other Options

There are other batteries that would give you respectable flight times that are different than what we chose above.  The 240mAH 45C batteries will give you less fight time, but more power.  Also, if you upgrade to some of the fastest motors you will probably need the 45C batteries to reduce voltage sag.  Ultimately, you will need to decide what is more important to you.  We prefer to have more flight time since the 30C batteries provide plenty of punch for indoor training.  Below are some additional “stick” battery options that would require a foam battery holder and a JST 2.0 pigtail, if used with the E010/E010C/E010S frames.

Stick Battery Adapter (Foam)
E010 battery upgrade option
“Stick” Battery
JST 2.0 Pigtail







Someone’s Been Listening!

Now for the E011.  The successor to the E010 comes with the 260mAH 30C battery straight out of the box.  It seems as thought Eachine was paying attention to the market and decided that it would be good for business to give customers what they want.  Much appreciated Eachine… much appreciated!  I think it goes without saying, but the E011 is more than capable of toting around and FPV camera with the stock battery that gets shipped in the box.


If you plan to fly the E010 and E011 line of sight around the house, the stock batteries will work just fine.  Anything FPV will need a 260mAH battery or at least a battery similar in size.  At least if you want to have more time having fun than 2.5 minutes.

Check out the video below for more details!

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