Eachine dustX58: Brushless Micro Drone

Eachine is back at it again.  We recently discussed the Aurora 68 a few weeks ago and we were raving about the size of that drone.  Fast forward to April 24th when Eachine released an even smaller FPV racer.  The dustX58… and believe it or not, the 58 stands for a 58mm wheel base!

  • Dimensions & Weight

    • Wheelbase: 58mm
    • Overall Dimensions: Not stated
    • 40mm 3-blade propellers
    • 25g (without battery) (Aurora 68 is 48g :0)


DustX58 SideTeeny Tiny Whoop

In order to get down to this size, the parts have to be tiny.  Forget contending with the Furious FPV Moskito.  The dustX58 is so small, you have to compare it to the Blade Inductrix, Eachine E010 and E011.   So how can a brushless drone be this small/lightweight?  A combination of tiny parts.  The dustX58 is based on a 21mm x 21mm flight controller and 16mm x 16mm mounting holes.  To our knowledge, the dustX58 is the first Bind-N-Fly (BNF) brushless drone of this size.  It has a 4-in-1 ESC unit to cut down on circuit board space.  The motors are 0703 class and essentially some of the smallest brushless motors on the market.  I scanned through Racestar’s website (unrelated company) and they list their 700 series motors as being capable of installing on 60mm-100mm drones.  They don’t even plan on their motors being installed on a frame this small!

Finally, the construction of the drone is kept to a minimum with the low profile frame and arms so small that it is somewhat alarming.  The camera mount seems to be a 3D printed part that could get beat up in a hurry.  We are hoping that the frame is built to plenty of power, because the dustX58 seems to be able to provide plenty of it.

What’s Inside?

  • Package includes:

    • 1x Eachine dustX58 58mm frame kit
    • 2x 0703 20000KV motor CW
    • 2x 0703 20000KV motor CCW
    • 1x 4A 1S Blheli_S 4 in 1 ESC D-Shot 600
    • 1x F3 Flight Control Board Built-in 8CH SUBS Receiver for X9D Plus
    • 1x 5.8G wireless camera with 5.8G 48CH VTX NTSC/PAL video transmitter
    • 2x 40mm 3-blade propeller CW
    • 2x 40mm 3-blade propeller CC
    • 1x 1s 450mAh lipo battery
    • 1x camera mount
    • 1x charger
    • 1x antennaThe Inner Workings

  • Electronics

    • F3 Flight Control Board Built-in 8CH SBUS Receiver for X9D Plus
    • 4A 1S Blheli_S 4 in 1 ESC D-Shot 600
    • Eachine 0703 20000KV brushless motor
    • 5.8G Wireless Camera with 5.8G 48CH NTSC/PAL video transmitter
    • Receiver options
      • Frsky
    • 1S 3.7V 450mah lipo battery



4-in-1 ESC for Compact Construction

The 4-in-1 ESC provides a continuous 4A supply to the 0703 motors and short bursts (10 seconds) up to 5A.  The motors are 20000KV (74,000 RPM) and are paired with 40mm 3-blade propellers.  No thrust data is provided for the motor, but we are assuming that the high speed motors are well paired with the tiny blades.

Tiny Camera for a Tiny Quad

The dustX58 comes with a familiar camera that performs well in the micro drone racing scene and is the same camera (VM275T) that we recommend for the Eachine E010 due to the fact that it is small and lightweight.  Since the dustX58 is likely to be flown indoors, the 25mW output power of the VTX is plenty for flying in the typical home.


That’s about it for the dustX58 at this time.  In conclusion, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that we saw on the Aurora 68, but the dustX58 has it’s own specialty to shout from the mountain tops, size!  You can get the dustX58 now for $99 at Banggood.com


  • Pros:

    • So. So. Tiny.
    • Lightweight
    • Brushless Tiny Whoop
    • Under $100 (At time of publishing this article)
    • FrSky compatible
    • Bind-N-Fly
  • Cons:

    • Limited outdoor functionality
    • Looks somewhat fragile
    • Short 2-3 minute flight time
    • Only FrSky compatible

Hopefully we can get our hands on one soon to rip through the house and stay cool on the upcoming 100 degree days this summer.





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