QuadSpex Review: The Eachine E010 Micro Drone

Eachine E010…..The Little Drone That Could

The Eachine E010 micro drone is a great place to start if you are new to the FPV racing drone scene or you are a seasoned pilot looking to add to your racing drone arsenal for those windy days.  Today we are talking about the E010 and how it performs straight out of the box.

  • Overview

    • Great Price ($12-$17)
    • Flight Duration (5-7 minutes)
    • Lackluster Transmitter/Controller
    • Decent Speed
    • Customizable (recommended)


The best part about this micro drone is the price.  We got the Eachine E010 for just under $17!  In comparison, the Blade Inductrix (non-FPV) will set you back between $50 and $70.  The Inductrix is a better quality build, but for the price the E010 is a no brainer for those looking for a cheap thrill.  The E010 and it’s look-a-like counterparts (Furibee F36 and JJRC H36) are a magnet for customization due to their price point.

Flight Duration

Flight duration on this micro quad is a very respectable 5-7 minutes in the trials that we ran.  This is plenty of time to get familiar with the basics of drone flight for someone new to the hobby/sport.  We went ahead and ordered an extra set of 5 batteries to make sure the fun lasted as long as possible.



Eachine provides an equally “budget” friendly transmitter for the E010 to keep costs down.  This is understandable but a bit frustrating if you have become acquainted with a higher end transmitter.  The sticks are short and the transmitter is extremely small for most adults.  Sharp turns and sudden surges in throttle are hard to accomplish with accuracy with respect to the remote.


Out of the box, this thing lacks the speed that a veteran drone pilot is seeking.  We found ourselves begging for more pitch to no avail.  Again…for the price, this thing has more than enough capability to make sure you are having fun as long as you have charged batteries on hand.


The main reason the Eachine E010 flies off the shelf is its ability to be customized for some FPV fun! In fact this is the reason we, and countless others, ordered the E010 in the first place.  The modification to add an FPV camera is simple and cost somewhere in the range of $18-$30.  If you want to take it to the next step, you can swap out the flight controller, motors, and battery to increase performance.  We will provide a review of the customized setup in a future post.


The Eachine E010 is a highly capable entry level drone that can provide countless hours of quad flying fun.  The low price and multitude of upgrade options will surely have these things in high demand as long as they are produced.

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